Tuesday - August 22, 2017

Scholarship Eligibility and Awards

Scholarship Eligibility and Awards

1)       The LIAHL, Inc., intends to provide up to three (3), One Thousand Dollar ($1,000.00) scholarships to participants in league activities who will be entering an accredited institution of higher learning (College, University or Community College where students may earn an Associates or Bachelors Degree, and the institution is accredited by the appropriate Department of Education in the state where it is located) within one (1) year of graduation from high school. The scholarships will be awarded based on the recommendations of teachers and guidance counselors at their high school and based on the quality of an essay which will be judged and graded by an accredited high school or college instructor.

2)       Applicants must be participants in the Youth Hockey Programs of the League or member organizations and must be graduating high school seniors to apply. Recipients must enter an accredited institution during the fall or winter semester following high school graduation.

3)       Scholarship recipients are required to show proof of attending an institute of higher learning through the submission of a letter on the institutions letterhead indicating their acceptance and attendance at the institution and signed by an appropriate official of that institution. Scholarships will be distributed directly to the recipients upon receipt of evidence of attendance and enrollment.

4)       All applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the following:

  • Commissioner
    • Referee in Chief
    • Director of Public Relations
    • Independent Accredited High School or College Instructor.

5)       The determination of how to award the available scholarships is based upon the following:

  • The grade applied to the essay as determined by the independent instructor.
    • The recommendations of teachers and guidance counselors.
    • Participation in League activities.
    • Public service participation of the applicant.

6)       Upon review of the application and documents submitted by each applicant, the review committee will bring the names of the proposed recipients before the Governors of the League. The Governors will vote on the acceptance of the Committee’s recommendations and approve their selection by a simple majority vote. Governors may not vote to confirm any scholarship for themselves or any relative.

7) The applicant will submit an essay about what the LIAHL has meant to them.

8) Applications are to be sent to the Public Relations Officer of the LIAHL who is listed below

Warren Ernst

151-32 21st Avenue

Whitestone, New York 11357